AngularJS – Getting Started

I have started to work with AngularJS over the past few weeks. What started as a weekend study project turned into a new passion. I have been doing ASP.NET MVC since it has been released and really fell in love very quickly. The loss of the bloated view state object and post backs hasn’t caused me to loose any sleep. However, with MVC there is still a lot going on, over the releases it has gotten better and I really do enjoy working with it. The WebAPI is clearly a big bonus; now my applications can make some AJAX calls from the client straight to the backend without having to go to server over a page event.

Getting Started

At my first glance, I thought WHOA! there sure is a lot to this AngularJS framework; I mean all of these different modules to learn: scope, services, controllers, providers, directives and so much more. This is so complex and going to be so hard to learn. I started out with a few introductory videos at There are five lessons in this free course. In addition, I have done a lot of reading at the AngularJS site and I have been following Dan Wahlin.

Really after a day of looking at all of what AngularJS has to offer, it is not that hard to grasp. I was able to quickly add some Angular to an existing application and be up and running in a matter of minutes. I have not yet completely converted the application to an angular app, but I am able to add one section at a time and release it without any loss of service to the users due to the modular design of AngularJS.

What’s To Come

I am going to share my experiences with the conversion of my application to an AngularJS application over the next few weeks. I doubt that I will use all of the providers and services that AngularJS has to offer, but share what I do use.

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