Welcome to Azure

I have decided to create a blog. I have done quite a bit of research on the idea, I knew I wanted to use WordPress, but wasn’t sure where to host it. I wanted to use Azure, but I wasn’t sure on the pricing, so I asked a friend, he said it wasn’t bad. So here I am.

Getting Started

I started this morning by creating an account and viola! So I thought. I went to the Azure Portal found WordPress, and Boom; HTTP 520 error. What the heck, in all of my years I have seen a lot of HTTP errors but never 520. Azure says things are slow but looking around it is defined as “not specified”.


Moving on

So I went to the Azure site to create it, now the list of Regions is NULL and I can not continue because Region is required and without having anything to choose from, I am stuck. I close out and try again, failed yet again. Am I ever going to get past this? Finally on my next attempt, I get a region and finally make it to where I am now.

What to expect

I have been developing software for over twenty years, during that time I have seen a lot and worked with a lot of great developers; I have mentored others, helped out creating a very successful .NET user group and a lot more. Over the years, I have taken to liking data and presenting it to users. I will be generally writing about data collection, storage and presentation.

Hope to hear lots of comments on my writings.

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